About NESA

Welcome to the New England Soaring Association. Founded in 1951, it is reported to be the oldest continuously operating soaring club in the United States.

NESA currently operates three gliders; a Schweizer 2-33, 1-26, and 1-34. Many members also own their own. Most activity takes place on weekends; however, the club does occasionally operate during the week.

Club operations take place out of Hartness State Airport (KVSF) in Springfield, Vermont.

Our Fleet


Schweizer 2-33 – The workhorse of primary glider training in the U.S. and Canada, the 2-33 is a rugged aircraft that is both fun and forgiving. Specifications: Crew: 2, Max Speed: 98mph, Maximum Glide Ratio: 23 @ 52mph, Sink Rate: 168 ft/min.


126ESchweizer 1-26 – With similar flight characteristics to the 2-33, students transition to the single place Schweizer 1-26 after soloing. Specifications: Crew: 1, Max Speed: 114mph, Maximum Glide Ratio: 23 @ 53 mph, Sink Rate: 174 ft/min.


134Schweizer 1-34 – Used to introduce new pilots to higher performance aircraft. Specifications: Crew: 1, Max Speed: 142mph, Maximum Glide Ratio: 33 @ 55 mph, Sink Rate: 144 ft/min.