N1242S Winter Project Update

The 2-33 fuselage and wings went to the Skunkworks early December and were back at Springfield before the end of the year.  Thanks to the CAP for loaning us their trailer for to make this happen.

The fuselage looks good and has been primed ready for the second half of the project – recovering!.  All covering materials have been purchased.  Bill has already constructed a  fuselage ‘rotisserie’ and begun inspecting the wheel, cables etc. to determine what if anything we should replace prior to recover.

We will be reaching out for volunteers as needed to assist with the recovering etc. which will be a good winter club project and a great chance to help out the club and to  learn about fabric work etc.  Thanks in advance to all involved.


Glider on the Green

On Wednesday, Larry, Alasdair and Walter displayed a glider on the green at Woodstock during the weekly farmers market.  Several flyers were handed to interested market goers who will with any luck tell their friends too.  Hopefully we will see a few rides or even pick up a new member.

P.S. Walter is trying to organize another round next Wednesday and is looking for a volunteer to display their glider.  If you can help out please let Walter know.


6/2-3 Weekend Update

Not the greatest weather weekend, but despite that we had some activity and on Sunday we also put the 1-34 together after its annual inspection.  All controls are nicely lubricated and moving freely.  So, all club ships are on-line and ready to fly.  Come out and fly them.

4/23 Update

A great start to the club season today following yesterdays Spring Safety Seminar and Assembly Day..

  • Several Spring Check-rides completed, including Paul Happ, Greg Hunter and Mackenzie Campbell;
  • Soaring conditions were good but blue and several glass-ships flew good long flights including IC, B9, VOL and i1;
  • The new (to us) blue 2-33 was test flown by Jerry and Walter and flew nicely so both trainers are now on-line for the season;

The forecast is good for tomorrow (Monday) and a few folks plan to take advantage of that and fly.  No spring check rides tomorrow though.

Hope to see more of you at the airport soon.  It’s time to get flying.

4/22 Spring Safety Seminar & Assembly Day

Thanks to all who attended this mornings Spring Safety Seminar.  Great presentations and discussions all around.

For those that were unable to attend, all presentation materials are now available in the members area of the website at NESA Presentations Library

If you were unable to attend we ask that you review each of the presentations.  There may be a quiz during your Spring Checkout 🙂  Speaking of which, as a reminder anyone who has not flown club equipment within the past 90 days requires a check flight with a club instructor.

Thanks also to those that helped assemble the yellow 2-33 today.  Both 2-33’s are now back on the tie-down line so let’s get those Spring check rides going.  If you can please put your name on the instruction sign-up sheet Instruction List it helps us in planning.

Tomorrow’s Wx is looking nice hope – see you at the airport.


Volunteers Needed: Gurney Field Day, May 13th

We are seeking a few members to volunteer to display a glider at the Gurney Field Day which will take place on May 13th at the Riverside Middle School in Springfield.  This is a great community youth athletic event and a good opportunity to boost awareness of the airport and the club within the local community.  If you are able to donate a few hours of your time on the 13th, please let Alasdair or Larry know. Thanks!

For a little more background on the event see http://springfieldvt.blogspot.com/2016/05/donald-i-gurney-sr-field-day.html

Spring Club Check Rides

As a reminder – All club members need to complete a spring check-flight with a club instructor before flying club gliders solo.

The 2017 instruction sign-up sheet is now available on-line if you want to sign up in advance.

Our Primary Club  instructors are:

  • Jerry Smith;
  • Bill Batesole;
  • Alasdair Crawford;
  • Dave Carton;
  • Brian Xander;
  • Chris Giacomo;
  • Charlie Freeman;

Additional  club instructors are:

  • John Williams;
  • John Graziano;
  • Daryl Smith;
  • Will Dismukes;